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2015 IEEE Symposium on EMC&SI, March 15-21

Deadlines for Technical Submission are upcoming.

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5:30pm: Networking/light dinner
6:30pm: Presentation
7:45pm: Adjourn

Water and soft drinks are free. Light dinner is available for a small fee.

Location: Agilent Technologies


Metamaterial-Based Gigahertz Common-Mode Filters for 10-Gbit/s and 25-Gbit/s Differential Signaling


Miroslav Pajovic


In addition to the desired differential signals, the undesired and EMI/SI harmful common-mode noise can propagate along differential signal lines at PCBs and IC Packages. To suppress critical common-mode at gigahertz frequencies without degrading quality of the differential signals, the gigahertz common-mode filter structures with Metamaterial properties are proposed herein. These designs are directed to compact-size electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structures suitable for placement in multilayer PCBs, individual IC chip packages, or in optical transceiver modules. The filters provide common-mode suppression at 10-Gbit/s and 25-Gbit/s differential signal lines at the EMI-critical frequencies, 10.3 GHz, 20.6 GHz, and 25 GHz, where common-mode noise can be highly problematic.

What We Will Talk About?

  • Objectives (EMI and SI issues associated with Common-Mode noise at PCB differential signal lines)
  • The relationship between Common-Mode Currents and EMI Emissions
  • Fundamentals of Metamaterial Structures
  • Metamaterial-Based (or EBG) CM Filters for 10-Gbit/s- and 25-Gbit/s-Based Differential Signaling
  • The example of other Metamaterial application - Metamaterial-based antenna


Miroslav Pajovic

Miroslav is currently an EMC Design and RF/Antenna consulting engineer. Previously, he was an EMC technical lead, designer and researcher in Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA; Senior EMI/RF engineer in Nortel Networks, Santa Clara, CA; and Principle RF System Engineer in several HF/RF Centers in Washington DC, USA and Yugoslavia. He holds Diploma Degree in Electrical and RF Engineering (equivalent to M.S. degree) from Belgrade University, Serbia, Yugoslavia. He is an author of several IEEE EMC Transactions papers published in 2007, 2008, 2010, and IEEE EMC International Symposium paper, 2013. Also, he filed USA patents in 2011 and 2012. Currently, he is focusing on R&D of Metamaterial antennas and related microwave circuits for EMC and RF/Microwave applications. .