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Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2016

5:30pm: Networking/light dinner
6:30pm: Presentation
7:45pm: Adjourn

Water and soft drinks are free. Food is available for a small fee.

Location: 7layers


Understanding Maxwell’s Equation–EMC Made Simple


Mark Montrose, Montrose Compliance Services


We were all taught in school, usually poorly, Maxwell’s equations with a focus on solving complex numerical problems that had little to no relationship with applied engineering. Theory helps us understand what occurs with field propagation, somewhere in free space but generally not at the component level. Maxwell does not directly address circuit design or analysis which is the core foundation of our profession. To be able to identify an EMI problem after a printed circuit board fails testing and computational analysis is not possible after the fact, one must understand visually what “Maxwell tell us” without math, in order to locate the problem area quickly and at low cost. This presentation is based on a unique way of understanding field propagation in the time domain with a creative means of describing transmission line theory or the field of electrical engineering. Maxwell’s equation can be easily converted into five simple algebraic equations, which will be presented.


Mark Montrose

Mark has been an active and continuous member of the SCV EMC Chapter for 35 years and is the principle consultant of Montrose Compliance Services with a large international client base. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the IEEE EMC Society, was founder and first president of the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES) and member of Board of Director (Division VI) of the IEEE (2009-2010). In addition, he is an honored (life) member of the EMC Society and past distinguished lecturer. He teaches for University of California Santa Cruz Extension as well as at international EMC conferences. Mark has authored 17 papers published in IEEE Xplore and two papers in the Transactions of the EMC, all based on applied, hands-on EMC engineering design and analysis. He also authored five extremely popular textbooks, his latest titled “EMC Made Simple-Printed Circuit Board and System Design”.